kabrena of Nailz in Bloom

Kabrena Williams

Founder, Editor in Chief

As the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Nailz in Bloom, I’m committed to dismantling stereotypes around nail choices, especially for Black and Brown women who’ve faced undue judgment. Our platform is a transformative haven, celebrating non-negotiable self-care and empowering BIPOC women to redefine beauty standards through their unique nail artistry. Join us in breaking down barriers and amplifying the voices that challenge societal norms within the vibrant world of Nailz in Bloom.

Cecilia of Nailz in Bloom

Cecilia N.

Contributing Writer

I’m Cecilia N, an enthusiastic blog writer dedicated to infusing creativity into every piece of content. With expertise in Fashion and beauty content, I specialize in turning ideas into captivating narratives that truly engage readers.